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Find out the price

How BINO works

Add locations

Edit the template of the check list or create your own

In our database there are more than 250 templates of check lists, oriented to different types of business. We will offer you one of them, but you can create your own

Pay and place your order

Specify the required number of checks and pay by card, on account or through PayPal. After that, checks will be available to mystery shoppers


Accept reports from mystery shoppers

Mystery shoppers will respond to your tasks, make a visit and send a report. If the report does not satisfy your requirements, you can reject it and we return money to your account

We train every mystery shopper

We carefully train and test every mystery shopper so that you receive only qualitative reports and always on time.

For good work we encourage shoppers, and in case of errors we suggest how to avoid them in the future.

After training, mystery shoppers get access to published tasks and start working on them.


What is BINO?

Think of us as the Uber of mystery shoppers.

BINO is an outside look at your business. We find and train mystery shoppers who visit your shopping place / do online shopping and provide you with detailed reporting on their customer experience. BINO allows you to make direct contact with your mystery shoppers, cutting out intermediaries (agencies, consulting companies, etc). The benefits are mutual – you pay less, mystery shoppers earn more.

Mystery shoppers allow you to validate the quality of your customer service and corporate standards performance control. BINO is often used to control franchisee. A less popular but nevertheless effective way of using BINO is for competitor research. Using this option the mystery shopper will visit your competitors and will report back to you on how their business works from a customers perspective, highlighting key advantages, disadvantages, and differences.

Why use BINO?

There are other ways to recruit a mystery shopper. For instance, you can place a task using Taskrabbit or similar. In this case you have to create your own check-list and instruction for shopper, manage tasks manually, collect reports using email and aggregate it with Excel for example.

BINO key advantages:

Questionnaires designed especially for you business

Price starts from $10

No minimum order

Quick response from shoppers

Automated data collection and quality control

How to order shops?

All orders are processed online (system set-up, data collection and analysis). It takes between 10 and 15 minutes to create account and place order. Here are 4 simple steps:

Select type of your business or the one which suits more (in order to set up the method of validation)*

Type addresses of your locations

Select the quantity of visits for each location and choose other requirements

Pay and wait for reports!

* If you could not find your type of business or you prefer to use BINO in any other way, contact our sales team via email info@getbino.com or +1 (800) 809-0318

Price calculation and what is included

Cost per visit, calculated automatically, will include BINO commission and mystery shopper fee. There are no other charges. The final price is dependent on the complexity of the task and the number of mystery shoppers in the area of your locations. In addition, you can check the price required for purchase.

How can I try BINO for free?

We have limited promo-codes on a monthly basis with 2,5 or 10 cheсks. You can get the promo visits via our sales team (info@getbino.com, +1 (800) 809-0318). You have to proceed with online registration and when it comes to the payment step please enter your promo-code. In case you require a purchase (for instance, meal or drinks costs in the restaurant), you have to pay for this purchase.

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Whe are mystery shoppers and how are they trained?

We are constantly hiring new mystery across the US. Anyone over the age of 18 (or 21 – depends on state) can be a mystery shopper once a 10-minute background verification process is completed. After successful registration, the candidate is trained online and must pass an online test. Detailed instruction are provided to the shopper before each visit via mobile app. Also you can rate shoppers after visits. Mysteries shoppers who received below 4 out of 5-star rating will be blocked.

Do you have deadlines and quality guarantee?

Yes. BINO guarantees the deadlines of data collection and quality of reports. Our unique quality control system will make sure you are getting the fully filled checklists, high-quality of audio/video records and pictures. All guarantees are listed in Terms of Use which you can read during online registration. In case you have any questions or concerns our sales team is available :)

How is the mystery shopper paid

BINO links the Customer and Mystery Shopper directly. This allows mystery shoppers to earn more and Customers to get more motivated shoppers. The mystery shopper is paid immediately when you accept the report. The shoppers can transfer their money via PayPal.

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