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Making the World Happier

Our Global mission is an improving the quality of life by virtue of Mystery shopper methology promotion

We truly like a good service. We are pleased, when more smiles, satisfied customers and motivated employees can be found in our clients retail chains. And best of all we really love to make products, that change the rules of the game. Not even in the big market, but change quickly and irrevocably.

Only the best are working here

And you want to be among them. It’s backward step if there is no development for you.


Right work-life balance

Team is BINO's main treasure, so there is a balance between work and life.


Here you are not just an ordinary worker

You have a lot's of ideas, want to realize them, ready to work hard and take responsibility.


Join our team

Everybody in our company knows, that there is no retail or service business that can work properly without BINO. Each team member understands the influence of the service quality and standards on sales and customers loyalty. In BINO everybody knows: while making the service better we make the world better!

Not found a suitable position, but want to make the world happier?